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During the holiday weekend,  Jimmy Kimmel tweeted this hilarious video, which was then picked up by Huffington Post. My producer at CBS News sent it to me and the entire newsroom immediately fell in love with it too. In less than a week, it’s racked up over 1.5 million views. In it, Paul Vasquez also known as Hungrybear9562 on YouTube goes on a freak out over “Double Rainbows” he captures with his camera in Yosemite, CA. Here’s the video for your viewing pleasure. One word: awesome!

I tracked him down and interviewed him for CBS News- watch it  HERE.

Thanks to Mashable who then picked up the story on their site too!

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  • Bugger

    I saw double rainbows, man they rule. I totally get the guy. Well sort off... F*cking hippy.

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