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I was waiting for a flight to Vancouver for Launch Party at the Grow Conference when I got an email asking me to edit a recent post on WhatsTrending.com. They wanted me to take out “web series” and replace the writeup with the term “original series”. It made sense to me , considering that it’s been a stance we’ve taken with a lot of our online content including, What’s Trending.

We never looked at it as a “web series”. I’ve always described it as a broadcast quality show (some might refer that to a TV show) with the authenticity and interactivity of the web. Why alienate content as just being on the web? The fact is all content this day in age and even more so in the future will be available everywhere (mobile, tablet, laptop, tv screen, etc)- the creative around the content is what will be different. Will it look like a vlog, film, tv quality? We’ve also seen that there’s a pre-conceived notion around calling a series a “web show”. It’s just the reality of the situation.

Wilson Cleveland wrote a Tumblr post about that (link is below), giving his grandmother’s friends a link to his “original series” and another group a link to his “web show”. Which do you think had the most click-thrus? As much as the web have been a democratizing and liberating platform, as content creators we need to get ourselves outside of the web box. It’s not about trying to reach for TV, it’s just about giving digital video content the value it deserves for advertisers, viewers and ultimately ourselves.

Read the responses below from my tweet. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

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  • mohd qamar alam

    i like with you freindship.

  • I so agree. When you use the terms "web", "mobile", "tv", people tend to assign a level of quality to the video sometimes without first watching the video.  It is better to simply call it original/syndicated programming or video for ease (leave off "web", "mobile", "tv").  

  • Bryce Urbany

    "The fact is all content this day in age and even more so in the future will be available everywhere (mobile, tablet, laptop, tv screen, etc)"
    Yes but it's still being delivered over the internet

  • Bryce Urbany

    I agree with modelmotion. They are called television shows because you watch them on a television! It's called a web show because you watch it on the web! I kind of like the differentiation because a lot of time when you watch a "web show" you get a different experience than you would when watching a tv show. It begs the question if early tv pioneers had the problem of being called tv shows and they still wanted to be called radio shows. Something tells me that isn't the case. I say you button up and own what you have. Long live the web series - or what ever you want to call it. 

  • Incidentally, some of us think that there are fundamental differences between the "DNA" of traditional TV and "Web series", so the term "TV" really only applies to content made and distributed on that medium, even if it ends up on online where it is normally geoblocked because that is how the TV people think.  They have yet to embrace the World Wide Web.

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