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Another bad case of overpacking

Another bad case of overpacking

I live in LA, so I basically live in the car. Besides that, I’m also constantly traveling for work- conferences, travel blogging, etc. I know I’m not alone- so here are some things I’ve learnt from living life on the go that can hopefully help you too!

1) Pack light
Yes, this should be a no-brainer, but I seem to be a master overweight packer. The best advice I have gotten about this is to try to bring the essentials or those favorite go-to outfits. Essentials: Jeans, blazers, wrap dress, heals, flats, casual/running shoes, tank tops and nicer shirts.
Also, write out your schedule and what you would wear each day and bring only that. Don't get tempted by those pieces that are cute but you know you never wear- so why would you wear it on the go?

2) Staying healthy
The trick to living on the go is also staying healthy. If you can, get in that jog while traveling. No matter what though, I keep daily multi-vitamins and vitamin C packs with me wherever I go. If you feel a cold coming on mix Emergen-C or Eboost into your water. Staying hydrated with water and green tea (this is the super anti-oxidant) are my go to health essentials as well.

3) Freshen up
So you’ve been running around all day and now you need to head to happy hour, but you don’t have time to freshen up. Solution: keep a small toothbrush/toothpaste with you as well as makeup essentials. Bronzer, blush, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and cover up. With a quick bathroom break, you’ll feel freshened up and ready to continue your evening!

4) A Breathe of Positivity
Even though your schedule might be tight, don’t let it get to you. Accept that things are busy now. You know you would be anxious if they weren’t as busy, so look at the glass half full instead of half empty. If you feel yourself getting anxious, take a second and take a deep breathe. You don’t know how much one simple breathe can help fill your life and your soul with positivity.

5) Sleep
In the end, the best way to stay on top of your game while living life on the go is one word: sleep. You can’t expect to stay healthy and do it all if you’re running on empty. Listen to yourself and end that night schmoozing over drinks early (it can continue tomorrow) or grab that 15-minute catnap instead of banging out 3 more emails. You’ll be able to get that and much more accomplished with some extra z’s.

PS. This post is my official entry into the Tropicana Trop50/BlogHer Guest Host The Juice contest!


Gettin' some love from Beaker at the 13th Annual Webby Awards

Gettin' some love from Beaker at the 13th Annual Webby Awards

So the past ten days have been crazy but fabulous. I was in NYC as the official video blogger for Internet Week NY uploading video blogs daily, giving you access to a ton of events that were going on throughout the city.

You can see all the videos at http://video.internetweekny.com

Definitely two of my favorites included interviewing Tom Green, celeb chef Paula Deen, youtuber Kevin Nalty and Hustle & Flow director Craig Brewer in the green room during Digitas' Digital Content NewFront.

I also made a quick stop in Banff, Calgary (that's in Canada FYI) to host the NextMEDIA 1st Annual Interactive Awards on behalf of the Banff World Television Festival.

Hosting the 1st Annual Interactive Awards during NextMEDIA

Hosting the 1st Annual Interactive Awards during NextMEDIA

I was there for less than 24 hours, but it was great to be in my native country and meet some amazing influencers in the digital and TV space including Gary Carter, COO Fremantle Media. Oh yeah, and being put up in a castle (Banff Springs) surrounded by snow capped mountains wasn't bad either! (Thanks to Kris Krug for the pics)

Enjoying Banff!

Enjoying Banff!

The week culminated with the 13th Annual Webby Awards where I was the official red carpet host. I got to chat it up with Jimmy Fallon, Trent Reznor, Sarah Silverman, Seth Myers and other huge talents in the online world. Besides posing with the oh so adorable Beaker from The Muppets, a definite highlight was interviewing Sir Tim Berners-Lee, otherwise known as the inventor of the world wide web.

To see more videos from The Webby Awards red carpet and show go to:

Last but not least, a huge thanks to Dylan George for dressing me in the hottest jeans.

Also, ILUS for their beautiful dresses I wore from one event to the next.

Check out their gorgeous pieces at http://ilus-nyc.com


Talking travel on CBS' Early Show

Talking travel on CBS' Early Show

I was on this morning to chat with Harry Smith about how social media tools are changing the travel experience. Watch below:

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Richard Branson is in one word- amazing! I've always looked up to him as the perfect combo of entrepreneur, innovator mixed in with a true passion and zest for life. Now that's the ideal "living life to its fullest" cocktail if you ask me. He reaches for the sky, but doesn't forget all that exists below and around him.

I got to meet the man himself this past week at the Virgin America SFO-OC flight launch. It was a 24-hour extravaganza, beginning on the tarmac at the John Wayne Airport, complete with spray tanning (courtesy of Sunset Tan), champagne, snacks and an appearance by the Real Housewives of Orange County. We were then shuttled to the Pacific Edge Hotel on Laguna Beach, where I was given the most incredible top floor room overlooking the beach. The party continued on the patio at the hotel with an open bar (shoutout to VeeV - the premiere "green" acai vodka), great DJ and some fun guests including MC Hammer, IJustine, and uber-cool pro boarder Shaun White. All I've got to say is Branson does it right! Besides throwing a kick ass party, he is consistent in all his endeavors, has created a unique, quality brand that delivers great service and he is constantly working towards innovation and what's possible. If that list wasn't enough, he maintains it all under the umbrella of a socially responsible, positive and fun culture/lifestyle- now that my friends is powerful!

Check out my quick interview with Branson on Jaunted.com and watch until the end to see his parting gift to me:


Julia Allison, Me & Caroline McCarthy at foocamp

Non Society's Julia Allison, Me & CNET's Caroline McCarthy at foocamp

Last weekend, I was invited to Tim O'Reilly's campus for the 2nd Annual Social Web Foocamp. They invited 170 thinkers and pioneers in the social media space ranging from developers and founders to journalists and bloggers. It was different than any other conference I had been to before- it's actually pegged as an unconference. I would describe it as a thinktank or a meeting of the online minds...

1) Everything is kept pretty much kept confidential- what happens at foocamp stays at foocamp.
2) Most people stay at the campus over the two nights, camping in tents outdoors or setting up their sleeping bags in office cubicles. Thanks to Dave Morin from Facebook who let me stay in his super cool RV!
3) Sessions are not organized before the event, but are created by the participants the first night who are encouraged to put up the sessions they want to lead on life-size schedule boards.
4) Some hot topics included Open ID, social network privacy, web TV, bringing together the geek and non-geek communities and social media for social good.
5) Werewolf (which I had never played and still remain horrible at) is the late night game of choice!

Speaking of that, watch this interview I did with James Cox during a game of Werewolf that he was leading. James started the CNNBRK twitter account that initiated the big hoopla with Ashton Kutcher the other week. CNN has since "acquired" the account from Cox. He hasn't revealed if or what he was paid by CNN, but he remains a consultant of sorts.

So what did I get out of foocamp? Besides meeting an array of truly fascinating individuals that are constantly thinking about what's possible and what's next, I was reinforced with the fact that we all need to really work on WORKING TOGETHER: silicon valley & the non valley folks (L.A.-NYC) as well as the developers and content creators.

See what people were buzzin' about at foocamp #swfoo


Lying on the replica of the bed where John Lennon and Yoko Ono's had their bed-in for peace

Lying on a replica of the bed where John Lennon and Yoko Ono

This past week, I flew back to my hometown of Montreal for the 40th Anniversary of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's bed-in for peace. Over a week in May of '69, the two staged a peaceful protest during their honeymoon at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel. It was during this historic event that they also recorded the iconic song, "Give Peace a Chance."

Check out my video on Hotel Chatter getting a tour of the suite by reporter Ritchie Yorke who participated in the bed-in 40 years ago.

I also went to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts for a preview of a current exclusive exhibit- Imagine: The Peace Ballad of John and Yoko, featuring their unpublished videos, artwork and photographs. WATCH THE VIDEO OF THE HERE ON JAUNTED


Thanks to blahgirls.com for this fab interview! Click the pic to read!


I was back on the travel beat at SXSW writing for Condenet's pop culture travel guide, Jaunted.com

Here's my SXSW travel guide including my own personal tips- and of course those from my twitter community! READ IT HERE! (and don't forget to retweet the link yourself 🙂 )


I just got back from an incredible trip to Austin for SXSW Interactive. It’s the section of the conference focusing on the web and new media space, which has grown exponentially since it began years ago. Despite this horrible economy, attendance was up 20% from last year, while music is down. THAT SAYS SOMETHING PEOPLE! What’s so great about the conference is that it’s the one time that the online community from every city comes together to share what’s next, meet new people, meet face to face with virtual friends, exchange ideas to inspire and advance the conversation. I wanted to share some individuals and panels that truly stood out for me:

Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Hsieh-CEO of Zappos.com, Social Media for Social Good, Randi Zuckerberg and Facebook, Brian Cooper- CEO of A Glimmer of Hope Foundation