"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira



Interviewing Business Week's and author Sarah Lacy during last week's Twiistup 5, which I hosted/emceed

Interviewing tech journalist and author Sarah Lacy last week during Twiistup 5, which I hosted/emceed

I've spent the day catching up on emails and reading some interesting blogs and articles.
I haven't been as present on my blog these days, because I've been busy and glued to the Twitter world. It seems micro-blogging on Twitter is more relevant, spontaneous and easier to follow. Whether you're in or out of the twitter loop, here's a great article to read: "Life is tweet: How the Twitter family infiltrated our cultural world"

So besides this blog, another great way to follow my adventures is at twitter.com/shiralazar

With that in mind, I've tried to think about ways to distinguish my blog from my twitter. My blog is obviously a place for longer, more in depth posts. Also, since there are so many updates on twitter it's easy to lose track of standout items that I really want people to see. That's why a blog is still extremely useful.

I've also been thinking of doing more posts based around whatever inspires me that day. It could revolve around a person, event, article, video or link that I stumble on. Yes it's completely random, but hopefully they will be posts that are informative, relevant, make you think, laugh or simply entertain.

Here are some interesting links/people I've been checking out today:

Duke Stump- I've had the honor of being connected to Duke, who's the founder of The NorthStar Manifesto. He's the former brand builder at Nike and a master of getting what is now and what is possible. After attending the TED conference for the first time, he wrote this really interesting blog post about what he learnt.

He's also developing a blog called "The Real 100"- a list of the new generation of pioneering thoughts, individuals and brands.

I actually got very emotional after watching this video about Maggie Doyne, founder of Blinknow Foundation. At 20 years old, she has dedicated herself towards enhancing the quality of  life for children in Nepal by creating an orphanage and non-profit. She is truly inspirational!

Also, check out Kit Cooper's Best Life Practices site that just launched. He has done some great interviews with leaders and entrepreneurs like Richard Branson who not only talk about their professional success but their personal life practices that keep them grounded.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Jacqueline Novogratz, CEO and founder of the Acumen Fund who was given this advice from her mentor:

"Spend less time trying to be interesting and more time being interested in people and the world."


Taking in the breathtaking view in Patagonia, Chile

Taking in the breathtaking view in Patagonia, Chile

I recently went to Chile for 7 days where I blogged and vlogged daily for CondeNet's pop culture travel guide, Jaunted.com


Enjoy and remember to breathe and stay adventurous :)


I'm finally back from my 7-day whirlwind adventure in Chile. Seems like we got some local buzz while we were out there. Yo se un poco espagnol but not enough to understand this article published in today's El Mercurio newspaper, the largest in the city. Click below to read it- if you know Spanish, that might help :)


Valparaiso, Chile

Valparaiso, Chile

It's been a crazy and eye opening few days. I arrived in Santiago, Chile on January 28th and will be traveling here until Feb 6th.

My trip is as follows: Santiago, Valparaiso, Puenta Arenas and Patagonia.

Not only am I experiencing the trip of a lifetime, I'm sharing my experiences daily blogging for Conde Nast's pop culture Travel Guide, Jaunted. Be sure to keep up with my adventures from chile- HERE'S THE LINK!

Besides telling you about the must-see attractions, I'm meeting up with local bloggers in each city to get a true local perspective unlike any other. I am humbled by how welcoming each person I've met has been- they're guidance and openness has really proven to me the power of global social networking and how special the online community really is.

Valparaiso, Chile

Santiago Happy hour with Kyle Hepp (www.OhQuePasa.blogspot.com)

Tea time with Valparaiso bloggers Allie and Matt Ridgeway (http://corrugatedcity.blogspot.com)


On February 12th, Twitter communities from around the world will come together for a Twitter festival- TWESTIVAL! Not only is this going to be an amazing interactive global event, each city that hosts a party will also be raising money for the non-profit charity:water.

I'm excited be involved with the NYC event, which will be bringing together over 1,000 people.

I'm also proud to announce that I'll be auctioning off the HP Laptop Matt Marshall and I used during Ashton Kutcher's 24 Hours at Sundance, which is also signed by Paris Hilton, Michelle Trachtenberg and DJ AM.

Watch the video below from the competition of Paris Hilton signing the laptop:

The laptop will be auctioned off at NYC's Twestival on February 12th.


I'm in Patricia Handschiegel's latest Huffington Post Blog : "THE NEW POWER GIRLS: BUSINESS WOMEN RISE FOR THE ULTIMATE NPG-- MICHELLE OBAMA"

I've also been busy making some fun Fox News Channel appearances.

In the Strategy Room with Eric Bolling of Fox Business Network

In the Strategy Room with Eric Bolling of Fox Business Network

I stopped by to hang with Eric Bolling on Foxnews.com's Strategy Room yesterday. Foxnews.com basically goes live online the entire day from this studio with hourly shows- viewers can interact via all our favorite social networking tools. I love this idea! It's where it's all heading and was a blast!

Then it was off to the Waldorf for a quick Oscar nominations hit on Fox Business Network's "Happy Hour".



Check out my Sundance travel blog on Condenet's Jaunted.com

If my schedule hasn't been crazy enough, I'll be heading to Chile next week blogging and vlogging daily for Jaunted! Besides giving you a look at the no-brainer tourist attractions, I'll also be meeting up with local bloggers to check out those current/underground spots you can't find in any travel guide.

The crazier part? I'll be joined by 4 other journalists and the entire trip is going to be documented for an upcoming Travel Channel show, "CONFESSIONS OF A TRAVEL WRITER"!


Good energy with Dr. Stephen Chu at the LinkLive Inaugural Gala

Good energy with Dr. Stephen Chu at the LinkLive Inaugural Gala

Last night, I hosted a 6 hr. livestream from the Link-Live Inaugural Gala at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, DC. The coolest part was having hundreds of people watching and chatting in live from around the world (UK, Barcelona, Texas, Canada).

Link-Live is a non-profit whose mission is to promote technology that serves humanity. Tons of other great organizations and leaders in the fields of technology, environment and education were also there. The highlight of the entire evening, though, was interviewing the incoming Secretary of Energy, Dr. Stephen Chu.

Video to come...


I'm so proud to be in DC right now and to be hosting a livestream from the LinkLive Inaugural Gala starting 6pm EST. I'll be interviewing notable personalities and giving you a behind the scenes look at this amazing charity celebration. The broadcast is sponsored by Mobilize.org and Ustream.tv.

Click below to watch!


My 24 HOURS AT SUNDANCE teammate and founder of Venturebeat.com, Matt Marshall, wrote a great blog post about our upcoming adventure. READ IT HERE!