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Hosting Grammy Live! for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards

The 53rd Annual Grammy Awards are coming up this Sunday, February 13th. I couldn't be more excited to be on board as host of the Grammy Live! webcast for the 2nd year in a row. Last year we went live over 72-hours bringing viewers behind the scenes of all the events leading up to the big show. We also went live on the red carpet and even backstage with all the winners. This year we'll be doing the same, but obviously it'll be bigger and even better.

Firstly, we're going live on YouTube starting this Friday, February 11th at 5pm EST at http://youtube.com/thegrammys. I'll be joined by the talented comedian Ben Gleib and veteran music journalist John Norris (Yay! I used to watch him on MTV back in the day, so I'm geeking out a bit here!).

You can read the press release HERE.

See you Friday - rock on!

Bloomberg TV: Role of Social Media in Egypt Unrest

I also recently posted on my CBSNews.com blog, about technologies that are giving a voice to citizens and journalists in Egypt who would have otherwise been cut off from the world.

What You Missed at CES 2011

With over 120,000 attendees and 20,000 products, the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas was overwhelming to say the least.

Here's my wrap-up of the all the trends from CES you should know about, posted onWallStCheatSheet.com

And if you're wondering about the picture- that's me and Antoine Dodson of Bed Intruder Song fame.  I finally met him in person at the Mashable Awards since our video interview for CBSNews.com, which has since gotten over 2 million views.

Partners Project in New York Times

Thanks so much to Brian Stelter for writing this great article about our grassroots-and growing- talk interview show on YouTube.


Thanks also to Liz at NewTeevee for her thoughtful post on the show.


I can't express how incredible we feel to see people enjoying something we love producing about a community that is near and dear to our hearts. Thanks to all of you for your support!!

Monthly Q+A on Lalawag.com

My favorite LA tech site, Lalawag.com, asked me to do a monthly Q+A. This month, I shared my thoughts on what to expect in 2011 from the digital world- from top trends, to sites sure to get some buzz in the new year. Plus, my thoughts on journalism in the digital age.

It's like the Superbowl for Tech! CES is here!

I'll be heading to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas soon! The yearly show has been around for over four decades, with our favorite blue chip companies and thousands of others  featuring their nex-gen tech gadgets and products. This year, over 120,000 attendees are expected. Last year, I did some coverage for CBSNews.com, which you can read right here.

This year, I'll be doing the same, as well as presenting the Best Web Video award at the Mashable Awards on January 6th.

Before the madness begins, I put together a "2011 CES Preview: 5 Key Trends to Watch"

What are you looking forward to this year?

Launch of The Partners Project on YouTube

This week was crazy. Not only are the holidays coming up and everyone is wrapping up the year to welcome 2011, but I launched my new weekly series on YouTube called, "The Partners Project". The show is the talk interview show of YouTube and each show profiles one of its stars. For the first episode, we spoke to Daneboe who has built his character The Annoying Orange into a full out brand with over 1 million subscribers, over 6 million fans on Facebook and over 300 million upload views.

Here's the 1st episode:

But go to our channel to watch behind the scenes footage and subscribe to stay up-to-date with upcoming episodes. Plus, every Tuesday we'll be releasing Partners Pro Tips aka YouTubers tricks of the trade.


You can also check out our site at: http://partnersproject.com

Facebook and Twitter too!

Ok that's enough site linkage for now.

First and foremost, I want to thank my amazing team who helped to put this whole project together. My co-creator and EP Damon Berger (the show is produced by our company Disrupt/Group) and Christian Bretz for producing and editing up a storm.

Thanks so much to Dane for being so awesome and making me a Peach in an episode that aired yesterday with the incredible James Caan:

Thanks to all our interviewees you'll be seeing in the next coming weeks for their time and fantastic contribution to this new series.

Thanks to Tubefilter.com for a fantastic writeup of the show and to everyone who has showed support by watching, tweeting and spreading the word.

Online Holiday Shopping

Thanks to Kurt the Cyber Guy and his awesome producer Darwyn Metzger (@darwynstheory) for having me on a segment yesterday to talk about online holiday shopping and deadlines (Sorry folks, national Free Shipping Day was yesterday)

Other recommendations: Zappos.com is a great site that always provides free shipping. You should also check out FreeShipping.org, which has a list of other places you can shop online and get free delivery before Christmas:

Happy Holidays and happy shopping!

Thanks @RyanSeacrest!

I have to admit as a broadcaster and brand, Ryan Seacrest, is an idol of mine. So I was really excited to see that he had posted a recent video interview I did with YouTube viral star Graham Stookey on his site.

The 18-year old singer/songwriter/high schooler from Littletown, Colorado was taped playing an incredible acoustic guitar set, which he then posted on YouTube. Someone sent me the link and after watching the video it was easy to acknowledge the amazing raw talent and chops this kid had. After seeing the views begin to rise, I knew it was time to snag the story before it hit the morning and talk show circuit. So I found Graham where every teen is these days—on Facebook (thank god for social networks).

Due to the fact that I'm a web savvy digital reporter, I also don't need to wait for my ideas to get the green light by execs for TV. If I see something I want to cover, I can jump on it and post the story as quickly as possible and get that so-called "exclusive" or story before it really hits the mainstream.
This year specifically, I've become really fascinated by viral culture and stardom online and its proliferation on sites like YouTube. From Double Rainbow to Antoine Dodson and Graham, I've had the opportunity to share the stories of these personalities that have since embedded themselves into the pop culture ether. Some are just that-- personalities—and others are truly gifted. In the past, they would have no opportunity to be heard, but we have entered into a different time where you don't need to come to Hollywood to get discovered. Instead, they might just come to you, blog and tweet about your video. And so the domino effect of online discovery begins and continues to spread. That's why I love the Internet!

Interview with Directors of Skyline

The Brothers Strause have become a go-to pair for sci-fi effects for years working on blockbusters like  Iron Man, Avatar and X-Men. They made their directing debut in 2007 with Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, and now they're back with the Skyline. While people might have different opinions about the movie, I was still impressed and fascinated by their process. They were inspired by Paranormal Activity, and so they shot the whole film in their house, with an under  1 million dollar budget and then sold the rights to the studio. They call it the new wave of filmmaking-- the independent blockbuster. Here's my interview for GeekChicDaily on IFC's The Grid, airing tonight on TV: