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The Future of Media is Currently in Production (VIDEO)

Thanks to the wonderful and thoughtful Brian Solis for this post and interview. READ THE ENTIRE POST HERE

What's Trending Nominated For Emmy!

What’s Trending launched in May of 2011. Just over a year later, I am so proud and humbled to announce today that we are nominated for a Primetime Emmy!

As an independent startup, this is a huge feat and we couldn’t have done this without the support of the web and tech community, as well as our dedicated team.

I grew up obsessed with talk shows and news magazines but over the years became deeply impassioned, inspired and empowered by the possibilities of the web. What’s Trending is a manifestation of that, and it’s just the beginning. We’re looking forward to embracing the disruption, pushing the boundaries and of course bringing all of you along the journey with us.

Thank you!!!!

Cameo on Hulu's Leap Year

It's been fun these days making cameos as myself on What's Trending in scripted projects. I like to describe it as a meta experience! ha!

Look out for me interviewing Rashida Jones' character in the upcoming Celeste and Jesse Forever.

I also recently had the opportunity to join the cast of Leap Year for their Season 2 premiere episode. Enjoy!

Freddie Wong's VGHS Launches!

Freddie is one of my favorite YouTubers- him and his partner in crime Brandon Laatsch are the action filmmakers of this generation. Their incredible special effects and quality productions have allowed them to build a huge community on YouTube especially among the gamers.

VGHS (Video Game High School) is their action/comedy series they're currently releasing, which they raised over 270,000 dollars of the budget for on Kickstarter!! They also shot one of the scenes at the What's Trending studios. I joined the fabulous iJustine as the host of the talk show within the show (yes, very meta!). Check it out below! http://www.rocketjump.com/

16th Annual Webby Awards (VIDEO RECAP)

It was a busy week in New York during Internet Week NY. What's Trending broadcast our live anniversary show from the stage and I got to interview the incredible Deepak Chopra. I also had the opportunity to host the livestream of the Webby Awards red carpet. Below are some of the fun interviews that took place with everyone from Juliette Lewis to Jim Gaffigan.

Get Ready For The 2012 Oscar Digital Experience!

I couldn't be more excited to be joining The Academy and ABC once again as host of their digital experience for the 84th Academy Awards. This year, we're adding another component to the online experience- What's Trending will be producing "Oscar Dailies" livestreams and specials leading up to Hollywood's biggest night.

It all starts on Tuesday from noon-1pm pt with a nominations special livestream. An all-star lineup of film critics and personalities will join us in studio and over Skype to look at the nominees announced that morning. We will then be airing special panels every week after that with Oscar winning actors, directors and producers to discuss their favorite movie moments and what it was like to take home the statue.

For more go to Oscar.com and follow us @WhatsTrending and @TheAcademy for updates.

In light of awards season, we decided to do a very special Partners Project highlighting the top filmmakers on YouTube to look out for in 2012:

Top 5 Things I Learned From YouTube in 2011

Wow! It's been a while since I've updated my personal blog. To be honest, I've been busy building WhatsTrending.com, which I am constantly updating with daily content. So if you want more, then that's typically the place to find it too.

I couldn't be more excited about jumping into a new year. 2011 was filled with many firsts and I'm ready to head into 2012 with many lessons learned, and to aggressively build and grow what was started. I've been reading the Steve Jobs biography during my holiday break, and I feel empowered and inspired myself to say the least by many of his philosophies and maxims including (no, I'm not a vegan and go around barefoot but this statement deserves an entire other post later):

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"- Alan Kay

I've also been busy building Partners Project. Over the past year we've interviewed over 50 YouTubers (some of us refer to them as YouTube stars) who are creating careers for themselves using the platform. These individuals continue to inspire me every day that it's possible to create, own your audience and content, and make a real living while doing it. These individuals are creating new business models that will empower an entire new generation of artists and creators. It's an exciting time! We've also seen the entertainment industry embrace the powers of YouTube in 2011, and acknowledge it as a platform for more than just cat and baby viral videos. They also invested over 100 million in premium content channels we'll begin seeing being rolled out  in the next year. With the relaunch of Google TV in 2012, it'll be interesting to see how those channels are used to become next networks and brands.

My team and I compiled a fun video looking back at everything we learned from YouTube in 2011 including moments from many of our interviews- enjoy and happy 2012!

Great reads for this Lazy Sunday

I was catching up on a bunch of great posts today. So instead of promoting each one separately, I decided to post a Sunday roundup of great reads you can enjoy too. Feel free to add your own in the comments. I'm thinking of doing this weekly on my personal blog. Enjoy! :)

1) How Entrepreneurs Can Create Their Own Luck by James Altucher

A great post on lessons learned as an entrepreneur, quick and insightful advice on how to raise money, build valuable relationships and sell your company.

2)  Internet freedom initiative mere lip service? by Jillian C. York

An interesting look at how many countries continue to censor and imprison journalists and bloggers for speaking out online. While many around the world seem to be listening, action must be taken to make a real difference.

3) An Oral History of 'Ms.' Magazine by Abigail Pogrebin

40 years after the iconic Ms. Magazine hit newstands, New York Magazine gives us a look at the leaders behind the movement. Co-founders Gloria Steinem and Jane O'Reilly share an inspiring and historic oral history.

4) How the Hashtag Became a Campaign Battleground by Nancy Scola

A really interesting look at the art of the hashtag in politics and how it's not dumbing down the conversation but advancing it-- and even adding some fun!

5) Why Kim Kardashian's Divorce is Good for America- and Women by Jennifer L. Pozner

For all the jokes and outright anger around the Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries saga, this post offers a pretty different and interesting angle to the story and its overall cultural impact.

Do Lectures and Bloomberg

I had the opportunity to speak at the first ever US Do Lectures this past weekend where I spoke about curiosity, creativity and the YouTube DIY movement. It was an incredible and awakening experience to say the least. I have an entire behind the scenes vlog I shot that will be posted shortly. In the meantime, here's a segment produced by Bloomberg who covered this very special meetings of the minds:

Join the debate: Are you over the term "Web TV"?

I was waiting for a flight to Vancouver for Launch Party at the Grow Conference when I got an email asking me to edit a recent post on WhatsTrending.com. They wanted me to take out "web series" and replace the writeup with the term "original series". It made sense to me , considering that it's been a stance we've taken with a lot of our online content including, What's Trending.

We never looked at it as a "web series". I've always described it as a broadcast quality show (some might refer that to a TV show) with the authenticity and interactivity of the web. Why alienate content as just being on the web? The fact is all content this day in age and even more so in the future will be available everywhere (mobile, tablet, laptop, tv screen, etc)- the creative around the content is what will be different. Will it look like a vlog, film, tv quality? We've also seen that there's a pre-conceived notion around calling a series a "web show". It's just the reality of the situation.

Wilson Cleveland wrote a Tumblr post about that (link is below), giving his grandmother's friends a link to his "original series" and another group a link to his "web show". Which do you think had the most click-thrus? As much as the web have been a democratizing and liberating platform, as content creators we need to get ourselves outside of the web box. It's not about trying to reach for TV, it's just about giving digital video content the value it deserves for advertisers, viewers and ultimately ourselves.

Read the responses below from my tweet. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.