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Twilight blew people away this weekend raking in a whopping 70.5 Million at the box office. Hot mama!

I saw the film yesterday with my box office guru, Paul Dergarabedian of Media By Numbers. While the film is a ways away from winning an Oscar, it's slightly entertaining and leaves you wanting to fall in love and hook up with hot vampires like Robert Pattinson (I mean, his character Edward in the movie). Hehe

Paul and I tried out our new video concept called, "Instant Movie Review". Check out the video below and let me know what you think:

While the movie might not be for everyone, I got to say the soundtrack was pretty good: Muse, Iron & Wine, Perry Ferrell and a surprising two songs from Rob Pattinson himself (yes, he's multi-talented ladies)


My segment on Celine Cousteau's eco-friendly La Prairie product line aired on LX TV "1st Look" this week.

Click on the image to watch the video.

Yes- she's the granddaughter of the legendary Jacques Cousteau. Now that's a family dinner I want to be at!


Busy week and it all ends here at Blankspaces where I'm writing this blog. Check them out- they're basically an "office hotel" I sometimes work from- very cool concept indeed!

What have I been up to this week?

Was busy shooting for Reelz Channel this week. Did two fun tech-oriented stories: One on the making of Wall-E where I visited NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (see video below). The other was on the new Bond video game, which actually includes the actors playing themselves. It's about time- the video game industry has enough dough to use the real players and not hire phony VO artists.

Got to go to my first Lakers Game at the Staples Center!

Today I did an interview for France 2 on Tom Cruise (at the Blankspaces office actually). Was also a guest on the Live Desk on Fox News Channel talking about Twilight phenomenon. Currently reading the book- which I must say- rocks! Going to see the film on Sunday with my box office guru, Paul from mediabynumbers.com.

That's all for now. TGIF!


The animated blockbuster Wall-E has brought in over 480 million worldwide and has people buzzing Oscar. The film is being released on DVD and Blu-Ray disc today. I covered the 12-hour-long junket (yes for a dvd!) the other week for Reelz Channel. Besides talking to a human size version of Wall-E, I actually got to go to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory where all the real space robot magic happens. Watch my segment on tonight's "Dailies":



Most of you might have seen this- but I thought I would post it anyway. It's the first time I've seen this video from the BBC. Oh the fun of making fun of ourselves!


Not sure if I think this is cute and somewhat entertaining or completely creepy. My friend and all her coworkers have become obsessed with this live puppy cam. I love dogs, but still don't really get the fascination. Am I alone here?

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV


Donating your time and money might seem overwhelming these days. There are so many charities and worthy causes out there, but sometimes it's hard to know where your charity is going or how it is really being put to use. This has caused many people that I know to question charitable causes.

Well, I got turned on to this super cool charity today that makes the giving experience that much more personal and real.


You basically join the site and can loan money to entrepreneurs in developing countries. Once their business has grown you can also get your money back. It's an amazing concept that really shows us, once again, how connected we all are and can become.


You might have noticed that things have changed around here. Want to give a shout out to my fab designer in Paris, Jonathan Fren. We actually met on facebook! How's that for the ultimate modern day introduction.

My blog- THE POP REPORT- is now part of my main site, which makes it easy for you to go to one place and navigate everything. I look at it as the Shira hub!

Besides my blog, I am also constantly uploading videos from wherever I'm at with my Nokia phone. You can see those videos on my "Shira On The Go" video player on the right.

So subscribe, have fun and I'll see you on the interwebs 🙂


Yesterday I spent 12 hours at the Wall-E DVD Junket for Reelz Channel.

Got to interview the amazing Ben Burtt- Oscar winning sound designer- who has worked with George Lucas on every Star Wars Film. He created all those laser and robot sounds we all love!
He actually used those toys we're holding to create some of Wall-E's sound effects. Pretty wild.

Another highlight was getting an exclusive tour of Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory- which in basic english means- the place where they make all those crazy space robots. I even got to see where they're making the next Mars Exploration Rover.

Those robots are just so cute...