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antoine dodson

What You Missed at CES 2011

With over 120,000 attendees and 20,000 products, the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas was overwhelming to say the least.

Here's my wrap-up of the all the trends from CES you should know about, posted onWallStCheatSheet.com

And if you're wondering about the picture- that's me and Antoine Dodson of Bed Intruder Song fame.  I finally met him in person at the Mashable Awards since our video interview for CBSNews.com, which has since gotten over 2 million views.

Interviewing the People Behind the Meme

If you've seen my blog on CBSNews.com, I've been pretty addicted to getting exclusives with people who go viral online, whose videos or stories seem to strike a cultural chord and spread like wildfire. It's something that has become fascinating to me--tracking down these unknowns and sometimes building some sort of virtual connection to them. Earlier this summer, I was the first to interview HungryBear9562, who has since become known to many as the "Double Rainbow" dude:

Then one week, TheChive.com released photos of a young women quitting her job using a dry erase board. It was later revealed that the assistant was actually an actress, Elyse Porterfield, hired by the site for the spoof. It became so popular that her name even began trending on Google. I couldn't help but snatch that interview too for CBSNews.com:

After Double Rainbow, one of the other most popular meme interviews I got was with the one and only Antoine Dodson, who many know from a local news segment that was then auto-tuned by the amazing Gregory Brothers to become "The Bed Intruder Song". The song, which was later available on iTunes made Internet history when it landed on the Billboard Hot 100.

My latest interview is with Jacob Isom, a 24-year old skateboarder from Amarillo, Texas who was plucked out of obscurity this week after stopping a public burning of the Quran: