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My Moment With Joan Rivers

I had the opportunity to interview the iconic Joan Rivers on stage at Internet Week NY. Our 1-hour conversation covered some pretty interesting topics you don't see her talking about often- social media and the impact on comedy, her own web series "In Bed With Joan", and how at practically 80-years old she stays inspired and keeps hustling. She might get slammed a lot by the media and critics for being the brash personality that she is, but I must say, she is one of the most impressive women I've met. She's been through so many ups and downs, yet continues pushing through and doing what she loves and was born to do. This interview definitely goes on my list as one my favorites and most memorable.

The Future of Media is Currently in Production (VIDEO)

Thanks to the wonderful and thoughtful Brian Solis for this post and interview. READ THE ENTIRE POST HERE

Chatting with Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara

Ben Stiller's parents are the funniest couple. They've been married for 57 years and have been performing improv together for decades even appearing frequently on the Ed Sullivan Show back in the day. Their son is now taking their comedic charm to the web with a Yahoo! series called Stiller and Meara. Here's my skype chat with them for CBS News. Remember, I post awesome stories there throughout the week so GO THERE and subscribe!