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VH1's Huge On The Tube!

Some awesome press from our 12-episode series #HOTT!

“For some YouTubers, a single video was all it took to catapult them to stardom. A new digital series from VH1 and What's Trending aims to capture the stories of creators and what made them Huge on the Tube…The series will dig deeper into the success of various YouTube celebrities, similar to VH1's Behind The Music franchise. The first episode features singer and dancer Todrick Hall, who explains the origin of his breakthrough Cinderonce video.” – The Daily Dot

“”We can go back into the 10 years of YouTube, where there’s a ton more videos, a ton more creators, and there are constantly new people popping up. It’s an endless universe of creators and content, so I’m excited for the possibilities. This is just the tip of the iceberg. I hope it becomes an archive like many of their series that cover different artists and videos over the years.”” – StreamDaily

““It was important to not touch on one-off successes, but on people who had used viral video to build a community around their work,” Lazar told Cynopsis. “A lot of these videos were pivotal in launching these individuals into the public eye.”” – Cynopsis Digital Newsletter

“What’s Trending is once again using a media partnership to shine a spotlight on top YouTubers. Shira Lazar‘s channel has teamed up with VH1 for Huge on the Tube, a web series that explains the secrets behind the successes of 12 YouTube stars.” – Tubefilter

“VH1 is teaming up with a YouTube expert to learn more about how online video superstars are made. The network known for its music and pop culture acumen is teaming up with Shira Lazar’s What’s Trending for two new shows that will explore the world of viral fame and YouTube stars. It’s territory that Lazar and her team already know well from years producing their acclaimed online show.” – New Media Rockstars

Playlist Live 2015- See You In Orlando!

Excited to be back at Playlist Live! Every year What's Trending has set up shooting interviews with the biggest stars at the convention. This year, we'll be right next to the main stage and live streaming on Playlist Live and the What's Trending YouTube channel.

Spring Cleaning & 2013 Updates!

I can't believe that it's almost April and I've barely updated my personal blog. Honestly, I've been so focused and busy building What's Trending that I tend to forget about all this more personal Shira stuff that actually got all of this started. I'm committed to revamping this site and being more consistent here and on my personal vlog channel (yes! I am have one! ha!)

So what's happened the past few months? Well the year started off with us livestreaming daily from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas from Samsung's booth on the show floor. We had everyone on from will.i.am to Russell Simmons and David Blaine.

Then it was the IAWTV Awards from Vegas where my team won Best Live Host and Best Live Hosted Series. We're so knee deep in the process and working every day to build this, that it's nice to step back and receive that recognition from the incredible creatives and pioneers around us.

Then it was back to the studio in 2013 with our daily What's Trending shows! We hosted a Future of Interactive TV event with Newtek at the studio with Kevin Smith, Lisa Kudrow and Burnie Burns.

It was a 600 person party and Kevin even revealed plans for Clerks III which was pretty awesome and got picked up by a ton of folks including Deadline, Vulture and Slashfilm. That same weekend we celebrated the 3rd Annual Streamys Awards and won Best Live Hosted Series!

March came around and we headed to Austin for SXSW where we livestreamed daily from the Samsung Blogger Lounge where we got to hang with Shaq, Fred Armisen, John Cena, the cast of The Deadliest catch and many more amazing folks. For music, The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus hosted us for some fun live chats with Dead Prez, Chuck D, Matt and Kim and other great musical talents.

Then I was off to Playlist Live for the 3rd year in a row- it's the 2nd biggest convention for the YouTube space- and like the platform these events just keep on growing.

Finally back in LA for a weekend after a month of being on the road and it feels great! Looking forward to continuing my own personal growth this year and building What's Trending into a next generation media brand that has impact around the world! Bring it on!

What's Trending Nominated For Emmy!

What’s Trending launched in May of 2011. Just over a year later, I am so proud and humbled to announce today that we are nominated for a Primetime Emmy!

As an independent startup, this is a huge feat and we couldn’t have done this without the support of the web and tech community, as well as our dedicated team.

I grew up obsessed with talk shows and news magazines but over the years became deeply impassioned, inspired and empowered by the possibilities of the web. What’s Trending is a manifestation of that, and it’s just the beginning. We’re looking forward to embracing the disruption, pushing the boundaries and of course bringing all of you along the journey with us.

Thank you!!!!

Cameo on Hulu's Leap Year

It's been fun these days making cameos as myself on What's Trending in scripted projects. I like to describe it as a meta experience! ha!

Look out for me interviewing Rashida Jones' character in the upcoming Celeste and Jesse Forever.

I also recently had the opportunity to join the cast of Leap Year for their Season 2 premiere episode. Enjoy!

Top 5 Things I Learned From YouTube in 2011

Wow! It's been a while since I've updated my personal blog. To be honest, I've been busy building WhatsTrending.com, which I am constantly updating with daily content. So if you want more, then that's typically the place to find it too.

I couldn't be more excited about jumping into a new year. 2011 was filled with many firsts and I'm ready to head into 2012 with many lessons learned, and to aggressively build and grow what was started. I've been reading the Steve Jobs biography during my holiday break, and I feel empowered and inspired myself to say the least by many of his philosophies and maxims including (no, I'm not a vegan and go around barefoot but this statement deserves an entire other post later):

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"- Alan Kay

I've also been busy building Partners Project. Over the past year we've interviewed over 50 YouTubers (some of us refer to them as YouTube stars) who are creating careers for themselves using the platform. These individuals continue to inspire me every day that it's possible to create, own your audience and content, and make a real living while doing it. These individuals are creating new business models that will empower an entire new generation of artists and creators. It's an exciting time! We've also seen the entertainment industry embrace the powers of YouTube in 2011, and acknowledge it as a platform for more than just cat and baby viral videos. They also invested over 100 million in premium content channels we'll begin seeing being rolled out  in the next year. With the relaunch of Google TV in 2012, it'll be interesting to see how those channels are used to become next networks and brands.

My team and I compiled a fun video looking back at everything we learned from YouTube in 2011 including moments from many of our interviews- enjoy and happy 2012!

Forbes.com: Some Women Wait Years to Lead a Major Media Brand, Shira Lazar Just Created Her Own

Click the pic below to read more!

From "On The Scene" to "What's Trending"

I've been blogging and vlogging at CBSNews.com since September 2009.

Most of the time it was just me and my flipcam. My blog, On The Scene, gave me the opportunity to bring you on the scene quite literally with news makers and online influencers.

I got to interview everyone from Jamie Oliver, Demi Moore to Twitter founder Biz Stone and viral stars like Antoine Dodson and the infamous "Double Rainbow" man.

In the midst of it all, I began developing more of a show around the blog content I was doing called "What's Trending".

The idea was that it would be a live interactive show and blog that allowed me to take on everything from Internet memes to politics and pop culture.

A year and a half later, you can see the result of that HERE. The product doesn't just include me either. I have an amazing team who keep the blog and show running 24/7.

Of course, there's always you who inspire our stories, and us to push boundaries, listen and share. So thank you! I couldn't be more excited about this new adventure- I hope you are too.

Here are some great recent press clips about the show- enjoy!

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