"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira

2007 adieu!

Hello from Mexico! I'm vacationing at a resort south of Playa Del Carmen for a week with the family. Yes, vacations are the time to cut yourself off from everything, but I couldn't help but bring my laptop, blackberry and Nokia N95 to video blog.

However, in this instance the hotel has decided that I should be cut off somewhat from my technological cord. There is no freakin' wireless internet here and the only thing I can use are these PCs. I can't even upload any of my fun videos I've shot. Boohoo!!! How does a new hotel not set up wireless internet?! So look forward to lots of fun youtube videos from my trip in the new year.

Anyway, this is my last blog of 2007. As I sit staring at this ugly PC, I'm trying to think of some words of wisdom to lift all of us off into 2008. But, the sun is calling my name and all I have this second is a quote my boyfriend just gave me from Star Trek: "Live long and prosper."

Adios 2007! Hola 2008!