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While she might be in rehab (for now), Lohan's partying ways has certainly left its mark on the media. Even in rehab, we can't stop hearing enough about her naughtiness from the media, her annoying troubled dad and now rocker Patti Smith is giving her take on Hollywood's latest rehab obsession with an article in Newsweek:

It makes me angry when I see how the opportunity of being in rehab can be abused as nothing more than a slick PR move. A brief retreat from the paparazzi. How lucky these celebrities are to be able to go to one of these facilities (which are not cheap) and to benefit from the wisdom and help that waits behind the gates.

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Meanwhile, L.A. hot spot Les Deux might not want to mention that Lohan is one of their favorite customers. TMZ caught the actress on video leaving Les Deux only a few hours before her drunken curb crash. The ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) is now working with the lounge to see what really happened, which could mean big trouble for LD. The club denies Lindsay ever drank there.

Unfortunately, this was bound to happen. I'm actually surprised it's taken this long for a hot spot to get busted for serving underage celebs.

Here's the infamous party hopping footage from that wonderful eve. Captivating!

Also, here's my segment I shot on Les Deux earlier this year on LX TV. Memories...
We love Johnny Depp, but even his presence couldn't save Pirates of The Caribbean 3: At World's End. Three times not a charm for this one. The franchise made 126.5 million this Memorial day weekend compared to 136.6 million last year. Pirates couldn't even beat Spidey 3's three day average of 151 million, but now Disney is boasting that they're still the winner. Who cares about the U.S. box office, when Disney now claims they raked in 401 million globally and are indeed winners of the box office race. Maybe if Americans were able to read subtitles when movies started using weird English pirate accents, we would have actually enjoyed the movie too.

Seems we just like Myspace too much to get off our butts and go to the movie theatre. Watch this pirates spoof that's generating buzz on the net.

Pirates Trailer

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I just finished watching So You Think You can Dance, which is way too addictive for reasons I don't even understand. Besides watching extremely talented performers do their thang, it's hard not to be captivated by the horrible one's too. Here's some interesting facts. While the big controversy is that Idols ratings were down, talent shows are still the most watched genre on TV.

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