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It's 8 A.M.
I am sitting in the airport in Montreal heading back to Lalaland.
CNN is reporting on the President and as I cruise the web, Britney Spears, still remains the number one headline- Lets take a look at Brit's post VMA domino effect:

NEW YORK TIMES is "investigating" what really went down at the MTV Video Music Awards. Sounds like real journalism to me...

PEREZ HILTON reports that she might apologize at the Emmy's and is begging her to do so, "Do it Girl!"

TMZ got Dr. Drew to give his take on Brit last night outside a club comparing the former popstar to Anna Nicole Smith. Ouch!

White trash vlogger, Chris Crocker's ridiculous cry (literally) to leave Britney alone is the most watched video on youtube:

People reacted to the Crock(er) video, including Seth Green on The Soup:

Seth Green Chris Crocker Outtakes

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And there you have it- some pop for thought to help you through your final hours of work today.
I'll be covering the TV Guide Emmy After-Party on Sunday- so check back for more Emmy craziness!

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