"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira


While some of my fellow Jews spent the day repenting by not eating and going to synagogue, I did so with a report on Fox News Channel about a lesbian fling between the Brady Bunch sisters and a TV Marathon. L'Chaim!

It started with an episode of Sex and the City, where I learnt my new favorite saying (paraphrased):
Gay guy friends are a way to deal with monogamy.
So true Carrie... so true! Why can't I have girlfriends like her in real life.

My eyes were then glued to the TV for a Showtime marathon of Weeds and Californication, which was interrupted by a few bathroom breaks. Thank god for Tivo!

On that note- I covered the Showtime season premiere party a few weeks ago for Hollywood Life.

HERE'S THE VIDEO TO PROVE IT! Would you expect anything less?

So what did I learn on this day of repentance? The Brady Bunch cast need to write more memoirs and there are actually some good shows still on TV. A great start for a new Jew year!