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Last night, I made a stop at One Sunset for the launch party of Rita Crosby's controversial new book, Blonde Ambition: The Untold Story Behind Anna Nicole Smith's death.

While I was there I met Jack Harding. He's a private investigator who's card was found on Daniel (Anna Nicole Smith's son) before his sudden death. Harding had met with Daniel who was concerned at the time about the people (aka Howard K. Stern) that Anna had been surrounded by.

That's a copy of Jack's biz card he gave me last night. Pretty creepy stuff!

When I got home, I realized the book launch I went to last week was for a book called NAKED AMBITION and this one was for BLONDE AMBITION. Very random indeed.

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FYI- Rita's book shouldn't be confused with Jessica Simpson's upcoming film with the same title. I'm sure that one will be a hit too!