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Yesterday, I was at an audition and had to rant about something movie related.
I randomly dove into a rant about Marisa Tomei's recent performance in "When The Devil Knows Your Dead" and how she constantly plays the sexy chick biting her lip and in the nude.
Yep, it was kinda random and weird counting when I impersonated her whole biting lip act and sultry groans.

Yousers! Yes, some days I wonder:
Where's my freakin' filter?!

After some research, I found I'm not alone in my thoughts. Many reviews felt the same thing:

Travis Mackenzie Hoover
The actors all do their best to occupy the gaps, filling the frame with wonderful, often mordantly hilarious, asides — even Marisa Tomei, whose performance here will probably be overshadowed by her copious nudity.

Matt Pais, Metromix
It's tough for a movie that starts out with a doggy-style sex scene in Rio to maintain momentum, and "Before the Devil" isn't nearly as carefully sculpted as Tomei (she's 42!).

I have to give her kudos though- she looks freakin' hot. I just don't think her performance deserves an Oscar nomination though... If you haven't seen the movie yet, Philip Seymour Hoffman probably delivers his second best performance next to Capote.

Here's the trailer: