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Last night Ocean's Thirteen continued it's trip around the world and made a stop in Hollywood. I covered the premiere for MOVIES.COM.

It was one of those "could have been the Oscars" red carpets. Hollywood Blvd. was shut down, fans lined the other side of the block and screamed every time their favorite star arrived. Reporters wondered if the stars would have time to chat with them or if they would have to go home with nadda. Well, thankfully that was not the case! My new favorite actor is George Clooney. He came early to sign autographs and did the entire red carpet. Besides hot sexy looks, he radiates that old Hollywood attitude that is sincere and is all about the work. He really cares about what he does and you see that the moment you talk to him.

Brangelina also made an appearance, as did Al Pacino and Matt Damon.

For all you Ocean's fans, I also have some bad news. Clooney told me this is the last you'll see of the franchise. He also let me in on how they kept it fresh: Lots of alcohol and acid. Interesting...