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Chatting over skype video with Catherine Laine in Haiti

Chatting over skype video with Catherine Laine in Haiti

I've had my own blog on CBSNews.com since September, where I've had the opportunity to blog/vlog about "social trends and pop culture". This encompasses stories that I hope can entertain, inspire, inform, are at the pulse of culture and influencing the online conversation.

The subject on everyone's minds over the past week is obviously Haiti. We all have our own way of helping out and giving back. We may donate money and/or volunteer; celebrities may use their influence as a megaphone for positive impact; doctors may provide their medical aid; and charities may donate time and resources.

The question I've asked myself is what can I do to help? Well, I've donated via texting (and will continue to do so) and I've tweeted out relevant links relating to Haiti that I feel might help someone or a certain cause. I would love to travel to the country to help, but unfortunately that option is not available for me at this very moment. In horrendous situations like this, I tend to feel it's a responsibility to use my passions and platform for something greater. So I guess you can say that my additional contribution to this crisis of huge scope is small but I hope relevant to some. I hope by sharing a story, posting a blog or interviewing someone connected to the quake I can give myself, friends, family and strangers in far off lands on the internet some added insight:

"Reaching out to Haitian Victims On and Offline" It’s been a week since the 7.0 earthquake hit Haiti, destroying a country and killing an estimated 200,000 and counting. READ FULL POST ON CBSNEWS.COM...

"Haiti Reaches Google and Facebook" Social networks have become increasingly important venues where people can engage in conversations about how best to help the people of Haiti following the horrific earthquake which decimated the island nation this week. READ FULL POST ON CBSNEWS.COM...

"Haiti In Real Time" While many might make fun of our current obsession with social media and Twitter, its vital utility is never more apparent than during a crisis. We are seeing this more than ever right now as the world deals with the devastation in Haiti.  READ FULL POST ON CBSNEWS.COM...

I have also witnessed friends and mentors putting endless hours into trying to make a difference from afar. Cameron Sinclair of Architecture for Humanity is one of those individuals. Immediately after the quake struck, Cameron stayed up for days outlining an innovative plan for reconstruction and published it on The Huffington Post:  "HAITI QUAKE: A PLAN FOR RECONSTRUCTION".

Two final words to sum up my thoughts: