"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira


"I'm on Foo Time"
As reported on a local CBS segment about the Foo Fighters performing at the Grammy's.

I didn't get to go the show, but just finished watching it with 3 guys which couldn't have been more entertaining.

Questionable Grammy moments:

- My conspiracy theory thought that maybe Amy Winehouse would make a surprise appearance, but I was wrong. She actually looked pretty good compared to all those cracked out paparazzi pics taken of her a few weeks ago.
- George Lopez- why was he screaming into the mic?
- Is it just me or are you sick of Delilah too?
- How did Stevie Wonder do that speech- was he reading, was it memorized? I'm confused.
- I wanted Rihanna to act more thankful for her award. All she did was flirt with Jay Z. What was up with that?
- Are the Grammy's going Oscar style à la Scorcese by honoring Herbie Hancock with a Grammy for Album of the Year because he's been "around"?

What were you favorite moments? What did you think?