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Final Episode of MSN's The Tastemaker

After 6 weeks, 6 contestants and 3 challenges, we ended The Tastemaker competition today. The 11th and final episode was posted on MSN announcing the winner. For those of you who may be out of the loop, I've been hosting, The Tastemaker web series on MSN for the past 2 months and I must say it's been a blast. I've been able to flex a different muscle hosting this show and feel so fortunate to have worked with an incredible team of people. From the contestants who literally gave up their lives to partake in our time consuming social media savvy challenges, to our 3 awesome judges (biz guru Kelly Perdew, Twitter maven Stefanie Michaels and filmmaker Jason Pollock) and the wonderful crew. Our EP Scott Ehrlich is also the wiz behind the incredible franchise launched on Hulu, The LXD. An additional shout out to MSN and Reed Price for supporting this project completely!

Looking back, there's a lot that we could improve on, but I do believe this is a concept that resonates in this world where we're all looking towards social media and the online space to connect and create new opportunity. When describing the show, I would tell people--"it's like The Apprentice, but for social media". I really do believe the time is now for a show like this and it's something the public not wants to watch but participate in as well.

If you missed the series, you can still watch it in its entirety at TASTEMAKER.MSN.COM. In the meantime, the finale is below. Enjoy and remember to stay connected... at least until you're done watching the video ๐Ÿ˜‰