"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira


I have a cold for the third time in practically two months. How could this be?!
Well, it seems like I'm not the only one. Even hard working Ryan Seacrest called in sick last night to host E!'s red carpet from the SAG Awards. Something must be wrong if Hollywood's biggest workaholic is actually getting hit with the common flu too.

So, I'm trying to chill out before things get crazy again and I head to Phoenix, AZ for Superbowl Thursday at 6:30AM. Tonight, this entails: Drinking Emergen'C water, green tea, Grabbing a Mcdonald's McFlurry (half m&m's, half oreo), watching Project Runway on Tivo, finishing screener of No Country For Old Men and finally following up on biz cards from Sundance.
That's me relaxing... hmm... is there something wrong with this picture? Then back to work tomorrow AM!