"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira


Last week was busy in L.A. with ESPN's X GAMES.

I hit up the Standard Downtown for the Disturbia DVD launch and had an awesome moment with director DJ Caruso. I was joking around with him about Shia LeBeouf and he called him up as we were shooting. Unfortunately, he didn't answer. He's too busy doing things like shooting the 4th Installment of Indiana Jones. Whatever! haha. For all those ladies (and men perhaps) who are interested, he has classical music for his call tone. Very sophisticated I must say! I did leave a message and got made fun of for not saying what outlet I was from or giving my phone number. I guess there's always next time, right?

Speaking of X Games, the biggest thing people have been talking about is this huge skater fall:

My fave band of the moment

Been listening to these guys all weekend. Check out their myspace and listen to Fafafa. It'll make your head bop!

other crizzy headlines to get you caught up on today:

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