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Seems my trainer wasn't satisfied with my witty Paris comments this morning. What we should all be looking at are not only the facts of her being reassigned but the why?
CAUTION: This could get serious.


Here are some reasons why the Sheriff might have reassigned her:
- She actually has a medical condition, which reportedly may be rash or just mental anguish. She has been heard crying in her cell and we all know her past two visits have been from a psychiatrist.
- Someone was paid off.
- The county jail has bigger issues to deal with than dealing with the PR of her jail sentence.
- She told the Sheriff she would leak their "1 Night in Paris' Jail" if he didn't release her.
- She somehow got TB from Andrew Speaker.

Ok, the last two didn't happen but it's good to daydream.

The fact is at the end of the day, there is simply a double standard and big-time celebs/public figures get off easy! We see this happen every day in Hollywood- OJ Simpson (we all know what happened with that), Michelle Rodriguez (4 hours in jail for violating her DUI probation), Michael Jackson (no comment), Lindsay Lohan (she only had some coke in her car) and the list goes on and on.

Any normal person who would've been caught in any of those circumstances would be screwed.
Today, I was listening to the radio and someone called up saying her friend did the exact same thing Paris did. He got a DUI and violated his probation. What did he get? 90 days in jail! They only let him go a few days early.