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Launch of The Partners Project on YouTube

This week was crazy. Not only are the holidays coming up and everyone is wrapping up the year to welcome 2011, but I launched my new weekly series on YouTube called, "The Partners Project". The show is the talk interview show of YouTube and each show profiles one of its stars. For the first episode, we spoke to Daneboe who has built his character The Annoying Orange into a full out brand with over 1 million subscribers, over 6 million fans on Facebook and over 300 million upload views.

Here's the 1st episode:

But go to our channel to watch behind the scenes footage and subscribe to stay up-to-date with upcoming episodes. Plus, every Tuesday we'll be releasing Partners Pro Tips aka YouTubers tricks of the trade.


You can also check out our site at: http://partnersproject.com

Facebook and Twitter too!

Ok that's enough site linkage for now.

First and foremost, I want to thank my amazing team who helped to put this whole project together. My co-creator and EP Damon Berger (the show is produced by our company Disrupt/Group) and Christian Bretz for producing and editing up a storm.

Thanks so much to Dane for being so awesome and making me a Peach in an episode that aired yesterday with the incredible James Caan:

Thanks to all our interviewees you'll be seeing in the next coming weeks for their time and fantastic contribution to this new series.

Thanks to Tubefilter.com for a fantastic writeup of the show and to everyone who has showed support by watching, tweeting and spreading the word.