"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira


I had funny moment last night while hanging at Boa Sunset with some industry friends post "Miss Teen USA".

Out of nowhere this huge table of guys starting banging their cutlery attempting to make music. The weird noises ensued for a few minutes, until I decided to take it upon myself as a true journalist to investigate the situation. I approached the table and jokingly said, "Are you guys having fun?" when suddenly a big bouncer guy came up to me and told me to leave the table. I felt somewhat violated. I was just trying to be playful and cute and was mistaken for some crazy chick! Well, it turns out the big gaggle of men were The Gipsy Kings and I had busted in on their musical table party. Figures....


Word on the street is that the film, The Nanny Diaries, sucks and it got plowed at the box office last night by the super funny Superbad.
But The Weinstein Company isn't letting that stop them from maintaining their PR push.
Harvey Weinstein is offering 100,000 if you can find him "the real Mrs. X." READ MORE