"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira

Mixergy Forum

Last night, I MC'd Andrew Warner's Mixergy Traffic Forum. Warner created Mixergy as a forum to bring together people with successful entrepreneurs. He does this through frequent events and mixers in the LA tech community, as well as through his site Mixergy.com, where you can find some relevant and informative interviews with respected leaders and entrepreneurs including Seth Godin, Tim Ferris and Jason Calacanis among many others.

Last night's event was all about showing people ways to bring traffic and sales to their websites. One of the highlights for me was introducing Wendell Tyler who led the San Francisco 49ers to Superbowl victory. He opened up the evening with an inspirational speech motivating guests to stay positive during these crazy economic times. The essence of it all came down to hard work and caring, not just about yourself but others. Amen to that!

The evening came to a close with this video titled, Did you Know? 3.0. Watching it gave me shivers. This video proves that these are indeed transitionary times. You can get stuck in the storm of negativity or see the endless possibilities for communication and creation at our fingertips. I see the latter.