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My "hybrid interview" with Jamie Oliver

I recently got to attend the TED conference for the first time this past week. I wrote about my excitement being there amidst some of the most brilliant people in the world on CBSNews.com, in a post titled "My Taste of TED with Jamie Oliver".

Unlike most of my "On The Scene" video blogs, which are typically me, my arm and a flipcam (It's all about being resourceful folks! ha)-  I decided to raise the bar a bit for this special occasion interviewing TED Prize Winner and chef/philanthropist extraordinaire,  Jamie Oliver. Thanks so much to EGuider's Marc Ostrick who shot, produced and edited the piece below.

It's a true hybrid segment (including a written element in the post), where Jamie and I are both shooting each other with a Kodak Zi8 and being shot by a third camera. I am really happy with the result. It's always fun to add some extra elements to an interview which go against the grain, jar those involved and ultimately force each person to participate more in the conversation and experience.

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Voila! The adventures of a hybrid journalist.

What do you think? Do people appreciate the quality of high-end content or does it not even matter? Or is balance the key to content depending on the context/situation and to prove what's possible?

My thoughts are that I see the use of both. In the end, high quality or not, there's needs to be a story to tell. I do however feel that quality is the key to legitimizing the content and the community online.