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Dress by daliaonline.com

Dress by daliaonline.com

Ok it's only been 3 days since the Oscars, but as it goes in this 24-hour hyperactive newsworld, it's already old news for many. However, thought I'd recap my evening for y'all. It started off at the 10th Annual Children Uniting Nations viewing party where Black Eyes Peas performed and DJ AM was spinning. It's a great non-profit organization providing care and mentoring for at-risk and foster youth.

The evening continued at the Hollywood Life party at the Mondrian where young hollywood mingled and I vented about the following:

- I predicted Sean Penn would win for Milk, but was really annoyed that he not only didn't thank his wife but the individual who's legacy allowed him to win- yes- HARVEY MILK himself!!

- I want Kate Winslet to be my sister. She is talented, beautiful and just so gracious! While she has the Hollywood presence, she still maintains an groundedness and accessiblity to her- now that's talent!