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As quickly as Paris went into the slammer, she has come out. At around midnight, she made her official exit. During a press conference this morning, the Los Angeles county spokesman- Steve Whitemore- revealed she was "reassigned" not released due to medical reasons. She is now under mansion house arrest for 40 days and has been fitted with an ankle bracelet- bedazzling optional.

I guess there goes her $1 million dollar diary deal. I don't think "memoirs from the mansion" would cut it (although I like the way it sounds).

Everyone's freaking out now saying how there's a line between the regulars and the privileged. Duh?! This one's no surprise. She's under house arrest, but I bet there will be paparazzi still waiting outside her house. Next we'll be hearing headlines like "Paris just ordered a pepperoni pizza- EXCLUSIVE pics of the the delivery man at the door!"