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The world has changed so much since we last spoke. No, I'm not talking about the infamous TB groom, Dr. Jack Kevorkian being released from jail or the JFK bomb threat. There are much more important things going on. Actually there is just one: Paris Hilton is now in jail! What, my friends, is the paparazzi and media going to do? (Other than daydream about what color jumpsuit the heiress is wearing and when someone is going to leak a video of her to the world.)

Well, Paris Hilton spoke out before she went into isolation at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

Here's video of her being interviewed on the carpet. This soundbite has been repeated on every single show you can think of. She actually sounds surprisingly articulate and grounded, or has just practiced saying this way too many times:

Meanwhile, the hostess of the evening, comedian Sarah Silverman- gave her take on the big news item. The reaction shot is priceless. I must say though, it was a cheap shot.

Many of her friends and insiders like Harvey Levin of TMZ.COM are saying that she got an unfair sentence. If anything, this whole prison thing is going to work for her. It will give her the perfect chance to re-make herself and her career (or whatever career she has). And what about her supposed $1 million dollar diary deal? That's a pretty good deal for 23 days of work! Who said being a real working woman in Hollywood was easy?

Speaking of unfair, read this article about a 17-year old who had been charged with life in prison because he tested positive for marijuana after a $2 robbery. NOW THAT'S UNFAIR!

One more thing, before I OD on Paris. While we've all been enthralled by her prison life, this weekend her label dumped her and 80s band UB40 hit her with a copyright suit. They are claiming that her single "Stars are Blind" is a rip-off of their Kingston Town.


Before I continue with more celeb culture, lets take a break with some other wacky stories.

Adding to their long list of limitations, China is saying no more to internet cafes in 2007.
CLICK HERE to read more.

This is the coolest business card ever
! Who wouldn't want to give you a job with this? Unless they have allergies that is.

This weekend was pretty busy on my end. I woke up at 3AM on Saturday to go live on FOX & FRIENDS at 4:20AM (7:20 EST) to talk about Paris Hilton. See? Her life effects a lot of people, including mine and my sleep! Then it was on to the premiere of the animation "Surf's Up" at 11am. Then back to Fox News at 6pm for a two-hour special of The Lineup.

Rewind to the premiere: Shia Laboeuf stars in in the film. Some of you might remember this lad from his Disney days or from more grown-up films like Constanine. If you don't know who he is- you should! He's about to turn 21 and he's starring in four films this year alone, including TRANSFORMERS in theaters June 27th. I don't know if I can say he's the next anyone... this young actor is definitely in a class of his own. Thank god he doesn't hang out with Lindsay Lohan.

Here's a look at the much-awaited TRANSFORMERS:

Speaking of the geek in all of us, one of the most viewed videos on Youtube today was a clip of the new Iphone. This thing is crizzy and is off the shizzle for rizzle! I knew one day Snoops words would come in handy!


Judd Apatow is learning to stay in the world of film. After two TV flops - Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared (both of which I thought were great!), he finally got the hint and took his talents to the big screen. He popped his blockbuster cherry (hehehe) with 40-Year Old Virgin and this weekend hit big with Knocked Up. The babylicious film came in at No.2 at the box office with 29.3 million. CLICK HERE to read about how the R factor made them lose the No.1 spot.

I covered the premiere last week for MOVIES.COM. Watch it and don't get knocked up:

On The Red Carpet -- "Knocked Up"

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