"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira


Greetings from Phoenix, AZ- I woke at at 5am this morning and I was so restless when I finally landed that I went on vlog craze. Actually shot only two mobile video updates- but I feel many more are to come.

Yesterday, was pretty fun and busy in my world. I had an audition in the AM, then off to inplacenews.com to co-anchor their newscasts from 11am-3pm, then off to a studio to go live on The Fox Report w/ Shepard Smith at 4:50pm, run to hairdresser for blowout and finally back to studio for at 6:40pm hit on Live w/ Dan Abrams on MSNBC.

The real madness ensued during my blowout when a mass email was sent from ID-PR telling people to pressure Entertainment Tonight/The Insider to pull a segment containing video footage of Ledger snorting cocaine and talking about his drug use.

Here's a look at the email:

Tonight Entertainment Tonight/The Insider are previewing an extremely distasteful segment regarding Heath Ledger. The segment centers around a two-year old video ET purchased for a large sum of money in the hopes of stirring up a salacious and exploitive story about Heath, which would win them big ratings on the first day of sweeps. The two outlets did not even have the courtesy to wait until after Heath’s burial to broadcast this segment. They intend to air the full segment tomorrow.

For the sake of his grieving family and friends, his child, and common decency, we hope to pressure Entertainment Tonight and The Insider to do the right thing and pull the spot. This is not journalism, it is sensationalism. It is a shameful exploitation of the lowest kind, to a talented and gentle soul, undeserving of such treatment.

We are asking the Hollywood community to pressure Entertainment Tonight to pull the segment. Please take action so that Heath’s family can grieve in peace. Please forward this message to everyone you know and ask them to personally call Linda Bell Blue at Entertainment Tonight and Brad Bessey at Paramount to express their outrage and request Entertainment Tonight to pull the distasteful spot. Their information is listed below. Thank you.

Pretty wild stuff- ET did end up pulling the segment an hour or so later after it was teased on the East Coast airing of the show. Yes, they did the right thing but they also probably realized that if they aired it, they would be banned from all of ID-PR's clients and coverage in the future. Everyone is disgusted by the outlet for wanting to air the footage but what about the person who leaked it to the press? Shouldn't we be more disgusted with them for selling the video for $200,000 and profiting from this tragic loss?