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Yesterday, I covered The Teen Choice Awards for MOVIES.COM. Luckily, the erratic L.A. weather stepped in and it went from overcast, to rainy, to sunny in the matter of 2 hours! YAY!

High School Daze
No brainer here- All eyes were on Zac Efron... I mean, the entire cast of High School Musical 2 as the tween hit won 3 awards.

Speaking of the High School Musical franchise, Newsweek had an article about what's next for the recent breakout stars. For real, what they going to do after graduation? College Musical just doesn't sound as catchy. READ MORE

Plus, what do you get when you mix Zac Efron with The Sound of Music?
This is so weird it's funny... or it could just be me:

I Heart Green
The Teen Choice Awards went green this year with the motto, "Teens Go Green". The red carpet was actually a grass carpet... and I'm told it wasn't even real, but I guess it served the "green" purpose.

Speaking of being earth friendly, Toyota revealed their futuristic new Prius:

They're hoping to gain some street cred with this next gen hybrid. Hopefully no Paris Prius' to come... READ MORE