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If only Zac Efron could dance and sing this post, it would surely be a hit!

Hey- it worked for the tween phenomenon "High School Musical 2" this friday.
It was the most watched cable telecast event with 17.2 million viewers. Mix kids loving musicals and moms/chicks older than 14 who equally love the very fresh and easy on the eyes Zac Efron, and we're talking big numbers.

He was on the cover of the freakin' Rolling Stone magazine this month in a tease shot of him taking off his shirt... or putting it back on? I guess we'll never really know!
Read the article written by my rockin' friend, Neil Strauss.

Also, I'll be chatting with Geraldo Rivera about the "High School Musical" phenomenon tonight on Fox News Channel.

The Tygrrrr Express blog published an interview with moi. In it, Eric describes me as a "kosher treat". I've never heard that one before, I swear!
CLICK HERE to read the interview.

My parents were in town from Canada the past week. While relaxing at their hotel over the weekend, I was reading last month's Wired magazine and stumbled on some funny stuff.

You need to check out this site:

Courtesy of http://www.ebolamonkeyman.com/

Ever get sick of those scammers from random third world countries asking for money?
Well, these guys decided to put them to the test and see how serious they really were. The founder of the site would actually respond to the emails and ask the scammers to take hilarious pictures of themselves. SEE MORE FOR YOURSELF


Britney, Paris and many other Hollywood stars caught in the act of wearing no underwear might want to make these their new favorite accessory. Ok, they might look like hot granny panties but at least they're functional.

I guess that's it for this lovely Sunday afternoon. Keep it real!