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The 2nd Annual Streamy Awards is coming up on April 11th and honors the best in Web TV. It has grown in leaps and bounds since it began, with more submissions, additional categories and comedian Paul Scheer on board as host too. Besides organizing the Streamy's, Tubefilter, has become a go-to news source for all things relating to the subject and organizes monthly meetups bringing together the community. Yep, while it still might seem like the wild wild west, the world of online video content has evolved tremendously over the past year too, which makes their job and presence in this space that much more important and relevant right now!

One of the new categories added this year was Best Vlogger, which I am honored to be nominated for. But it got me and many people thinking... What is a vlogger? In its essence it is a video blogger and in many ways a one-person band. Instead of someone who just writes, vloggers translate that energy or story into video form.

A few years ago, while working with more traditional companies doing red carpet interviews, I was sick of the way they edited the pieces. Everything was so perfect, produced and the same as every other video about the event. It didn't translate what I experienced being there. So I bought a Nokia N95, which at the time was the only video phone that could upload right to the internet within minutes. I started doing behind the scenes videos of all my shoots and life, sharing a glimpse into moments and run-ins with interesting people. Those were the videos people starting watching. They were real, unedited and fun!

The vlogging adventures continued as I worked with the awesome folks at The Webby Awards during their Webby Connect Summit and Internet Week NY. Then came the Travel Channel show last year called Confessions of a Travel Writer, which followed me in Chile vlogging for the travel website Jaunted.

No doubt, this year has seen a huge shift in the media biz. I started working with CBSNews.com in September and became one of the first vloggers covering the best in pop culture, web trends and tech- basically what and who is relevant, next and shaping the online conversation. It's really fascinating and cool to be in the trenches of this changing landscape- one foot in an older model I completely respect because its paved the way for where we are today; and one foot in a new world filled with constant opportunities and tools to allow anyone to create and do what they want now. It's an exciting time and I hope to continue to be able to inspire others and be inspired, meet awesome people, tell interesting stories- and of course vlog it all along the way...

Here's a look back at some vlog highlights among many from this past year:


It started off with a run-in with Katie Couric...

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Break Twitter News w/ Drew Carey

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My Taste of TED With Jamie Oliver

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Hanging out with Illeana Douglas, Tim Meadows and the cast of "Easy to Assemble"

Speaking with Haiti in Real-Time

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Talking about net neutrality w/ Justine Bateman and WGA's John Kosinski

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Chatting about the future of music with Ok Go's Damian Kulash

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Hitting the streets for The Tomorrow Show w/ Mo Rocca to talk about the future of dating and more:

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Vloggin' from beach destinations in Hawaii, foodie spots in Montreal and More...

Penguins, Gauchos and more videos and adventures from Chile

My Run in W/ Richard Branson