"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira


Got into Park City this afternoon and headed immediately to the Hollywood Life House right on main street.

Some highlights:

-Michael Keaton who talked to me about his film A Merry Gentleman which he not only stars in but is his directorial debut. Besides chatting about the movie, Keaton told me that the infamous "Taser me bro!" still makes him crack up. Interesting... I'll be hanging with him and his son Sean (who composed the film) tonight at the party for the film.

- Nick Cannon who is a sweetheart and always seems to find his way to the fest with a great film. This year he stars in American Son.

- Tom Arnold is definitely an interesting character. We chatted for a while about everything from his three films at the fest this year, to the first time he met Robert "the god" Redford at his Happy Endings Sundance premiere three years ago. One interesting tidbit he told me: he thinks the writer's strike is ending next week!!!! Lets all cross our fingers folks!!

OK- I'm off for the night. Heading to the Be Kind Rewind after party, Tao for a crazy 50 Cent performance, the Motorola Party (always one of the best at Sundance) and finally ending my night at Hollywood hotspot The Green Door's Park City Party .