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From Variety.com's Party page

Sundance is almost over for me and it's been a wild ride.
Things have been non-stop all day and all night long, which hasn't been good for my blogging.

Some highlights:
Interviewing Adrian Grenier and the cast of Adventures of Power (air drumming film), Mischa Barton and the cast of Assassination of a High School President, George Romero and the cast of Diary of the Dead, Matthew Broderick, William H. Macy and Jason Ritter from The Deal and finally Dennis Hopper and the cast of Hell Ride. Hopper and Macy had to be my two favorite interview moments of the fest. I caught up with Hopper on the balcony as he was taking a break smoking a cigar. He is the sweetest guy and I just loved hearing him talking about the "tits and ass" in Tarantino's Hell Ride. Macy is also a favorite of mine. He made red kippahs (jewish small cap) for his film and gave me one on the red carpet.

Finally, I'll be ending my fest experience today with coverage of Sean Combs' aka P. Diddy's film, A Raisin in the Sun. He actually made a pact to his cast not to party at all at Sundance so he could concentrate on the film. Very impressive Diddy!

In the midst of all the madness, I'll also be doing an American Idol recap on The Fox Report w/ Shepard Smith on Fox News Channel tonight at 7:40PM EST / 4:40 PT.