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Live from the Tweethouse

Live from the Tweethouse

This is my 5th year at Sundance and every year seems to bring a different adventure. I first came here doing celeb interviews for the site Wireimage.com. I then covered the fest for Gamestop and Movies.com, and the following year I was the video host for the Hollywood Life House.

Last year, was definitely an experience to say the least. Ashton Kutcher brought me and some other "social media mavens" (as he pegged us) to Park City to compete in a project he called "24 Hours at Sundance". We livestreamed non-stop over 24 hours, and were given crazy tasks à la "Amazing Race". My team, consisting of me and VentureBeat's very own Matt Marshall, won!

Well this year, we're seeing the convergence of tech and entertainment more than ever before. I am writing this post from the Tweethouse, put together by the Parnassus Group, who has organized the popular 140TC conferences. They brought me out here to host their livestream on http://ustream.tv/tweethouse. Over Saturday and Sunday, the event will include panels with notable Twitter users including Levar Burton, Adrien Grenier and Kareem-Abdul-Jabbar. We will also be doing a Tweetup for Haiti, bringing the on and offline community together to raise money for the Yele Haiti Foundation among other relevant charities.

See the entire Tweethouse schedule here!

As Levar Burton told me today- we're at the nexus. I couldn't agree more and I don't know about you, but that gets me pumped!