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What celebrity can't help involving themselves in the biggest story out there? We know everyone has an opinion, but this is ridiculous. OJ Simpson's recent comment about the heiress seems just as smart as his great book, IF I DID IT, that will hopefully never see the light of day.


This weekend, Paris revealed she would not be appealing her case and that this experience has taught her a bitter but important lesson. With so much growth, you wouldn't expect Paris to give exclusives to shows like Access, ET or EXTRA would you? She's beyond that, now that she's found God and all. What better way to gain that respect she needs from the public than with the help of the respected Barbara Walters. Paris will be doing an exclusive post jail interview with Walters, and has already called her over the weekend with some scoop from behind bars.

What great timing for Wawa! "The View" was needing that extra dose of celeb drama to spice things up now that Rosie is gone. Screw an exclusive interview. Maybe this is all a stunt that will lead up to Paris taking Rosie's seat on show. Probably won't happen, but that would definitely be interesting. Elizabeth wouldn't have to worry about someone talking back to her- that's for sure!


Ocean's Thirteen hit #1 at the box office this weekend with $37.1 million, which is great but sad at the same time considering it did the worst of all the Ocean's movies (12 got $38.1 million and 11 got $39.2 million).

Speaking of heists, READ THIS article that looks at 13 real heists from around the world.


Could The Sopranos be the next Godfather?
Many Sopranos fans cried this weekend when their favorite mob family said goodbye. While some people did get killed off, the 2-hour finale left things pretty open ended. So open ended that insiders are saying there just may be a Soprano movie in the works.

Watch The Sopranos final scene:

While the Italians are gone for now, New Zealanders (is that what you call them?) are the new boys in town. Next weekend, HBO debuts their new hilarious comedy, FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS chronicling a band from New Zealand making it in the States. The band is a band for real and already has fans around the world. I guess, HBO took the easy route with this one, but I'm not surprised. Watch this trailer and you'll be a conchords lover in no time:

Is this where we're heading?

My final words of wisdom for all you sexy folk out there trying to make your mark in the world: Start a blog! Women or men (whatever floats your boat) will love you as long as you know how to write, use big words and sound smart. Case in point: Ryan Reynolds
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