"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira

The 48 Hour Mag- How Much Can You Hustle?

I was in Kauai, Hawaii for my b-day this past weekend. It was my 5th time on the island and it's by far my favorite getaway close to home. I even wrote up about some of my favorite spots on the island  for Jaunted last year.

Ok- that has nothing to do with the title of this post, besides the fact that I missed a really cool project called 48 Hour Magazine, because have this little vacay I took. What began as a fun idea by 6 art and techno-file friends in San Francisco over drinks 2 weeks ago, got enough buzz to grab the attention of over 6,000 contributors who all subscribed to get the announcement of the magazine's theme released this past Friday afternoon. After that, they would have 24 hours to submit their content (writing, photos, etc), leaving the editors 24 more hours to edit and send that to print with the help of MagCloud.

This newborn collaborative experiment caught my attention immediately. I got in touch with one of its editors Alexis Madrigal on my way to Hawaii on Thursday, wanting to submit something to this first-ever magazine. I don't think I've seen so many people excited, tweeting and blogging, about the creation of a magazine since well... a long time (not including Britney Spears baby covers). Could this experiential and crowd sourced mag be a stepping stone for others to follow? Give the public empowerment to contribute while having a few more known contributors, keep them anxious and at bay to get the theme on a Friday with one day to deliver, live stream the process and see a final product in their hands 48 hours later? Plus, they pledge to be completely financially transparent and pay everyone who is on staff and whose work gets published. Yep, it's a completely new strategy to use "new tools to erase media's old limits". Could this be the holy grail the industry has been waiting for? Besides the iPad of course 🙂

Maybe this could even have its own spinoff reality show- like a Project Runway of the publishing world- and maybe I could pitch myself as the Heidi Klum? Ok, I'm getting a little ahead of myself here.

So while catching up on emails in between beach hopping on Friday, I sneaked onto their site to see what they chose as the theme of the magazine. It was encapsulated in one word- HUSTLE- something many of us have become all too familiar with in this wacky economy.

My workaholic self started to trickle back. I felt guilty that I didn't have time to submit something fun and meaty. My vacation self came in saying, relax, you're in Hawaii. This is what's life's about! You don't need to be part of everything. Alas, I gave in to the waves calling my name. But just as I closed my laptop, I remembered a photo I took against a poster in Downtown Los Angeles this past winter. I submitted the photo shown above and shutdown my laptop with a smile. Whether published or not, at least I know I maintained my hustle- even during an awesome vacation. How long can we all maintain the hustle? Now that is the question.