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Biggest Art Collectors of Our Time

I just finished watching the amazing documentary, "Herb an Dorothy" about the legendary New York art collectors Herb and Dorothy Vogel. Since the 1960s, the modest husband and wife have lived in the same 1-bedroom Manhattan apartment while amassing one of the largest and most notable collections of minimalist and conceptual art in history. I'm talking about over 4000 pieces, 3000 of which they donated to the National Gallery of Art in 1992. Donated!! Can you believe it? They loved artists and art and felt it a natural responsibility and obligation to share it all with the world.

Here's the trailer:

One of the artists they collected and followed over time were world-reknowned Christo and Jean-Claude, another husband and wife team behind the The Gates, the 23-mile art installation created in Central Park in 2005. I also happened to interview Christo and Jean-Claude way back in 2007 during The Tribeca Film Festival right before the launch of the documentary about them and their masterpiece titled, The Gates, was being released. It was a humbling experience to meet and get to talk to the the talented and eccentric couple in their New York apartment. The video is below- you might notice I'm wearing socks. That's because they made me take off my shoes. I had kind of forgotten about this interview, but thanks to YouTube was able to dig it up. I definitely now have a new appreciation for that moment and experience: