"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira


Ever take a vacation and come back and feel like your brain is just going a bit more slowly than usual? Yep, I'm probably not the only one. After being in Mexico for a week, sipping banana daiquiris and listening to the waves, it's sometimes hard to get back to reality and entertainment news breaking with every step Britney Spears makes. It takes time to keep up with it all!

In the midst of multiple TV appearances since Friday talking about everything from Britney Spears to the writer's strike to globes to Nicole Kidman to Britney Spears, I've decided to take some writing time to throw out some of my thoughts about it all:

With the Globes being canceled, there will be a loss of 80 million dollars for the industry/local economy. This was definitely the writer's way of throwing a nasty one at the network and studios. I have tons of writer friends, both union an non-union. This strike has made me wonder the relevance of unions today- do they hold the same importance as they did when they began sixty years back? Here's a blog that touched on this question.

BTW- With the Globes bruhaha, I don't think Palm Springs International Film Festival has ever seen so much coverage. Every outlet and their mom flocked to the fest for interviews this past weekend. Even Entertainment Tonight's veteran Mary Hart left the studio to do carpet coverage.

Is it just me or does Britney only come out on nights and weekends? With the talk that she may be a schizo, maybe that's when her British alter ego comes out. Hmmm...

Speaking of her supposed Brit voice, maybe she's just using it as a way to get some press with the UK and steal the bad girl spotlight from Amy Winehouse.

While Amy might be hard core and a candidate to OD any day now, the fact that Brit's this crazy without any influence of drugs (supposedly) is even scarier.

OK- off to a dinner. Ciao!