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The Killers Premiere Live

With Ashton Kutcher and my lovely co-host Jason Pollock on the red carpet

With Ashton Kutcher and my lovely co-host Jason Pollock on the red carpet

I hosted the red carpet premiere of Killers the other night, which will be in theaters tomorrow, June 4th. I always have such a great time doing these shoots, not only because we have the best access to all the actors of the film, but because it's live and interactive!!

This premiere was also a first in movie history- Ashton Kutcher who not only starred but produced the film decided that he would stream the first 13 minutes of it online for fans from the premiere. That's something that has never been done before. Throughout the film's shooting Ashton would also upload pictures from the set, something that would traditionally have to be cleared by the studio and many other people beforehand. Yes, times are a changing. Don't get me wrong, there's something awesome about the fictional and illusionary magic of movies. But lets be real here. In this age of constant connectivity, audiences appreciate being part of the process. This might sound esoteric, but a simple tweet or post from the set about how a film is going can even educate and inspire people about filmmaking itself. Director Robert Luketic even spoke about this during his interview. It brings value and a connection to the process and the ultimate product.

Anyway, if you missed the livestream here it is for your viewing pleasure: