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This week was exciting to say the least. On Tuesday, I interviewed Drew Carey about his 100,000 dollar twitter bid he made over the weekend for Lance Armstrong's Live Strong Foundation.

His twitter update made headlines but all people were doing was quoting his tweet. I wanted to get the scoop from horses mouth, so I set up a video interview with him. That was going to be my mini-exclusive, but it ended up becoming much more when Carey suddenly decided to up his donation to 1 million dollars if he got a million Twitter followers by December 31 at 12 AM PT.

Click here to read the post and watch the video below:

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We released the story on my CBS News blog, On The Scene, on Wednesday and the news spread quickly. Even Perez Hilton picked up the story!

In the end, it was so awesome to break a story that's positive and ultimately for a great cause.

Support Live Strong and follow Drew Carey on Twitter: @drewfromtv