"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira


Halloween is my favorite holiday!! It's also the holiday that reminds me of News Year's Eve. Everyone is looking for the big party, the best costume and most of the time you end up disappointed. But don't let it be that way! This year, embrace Halloween!

These are some halloween events that have invaded my inbox lately:

- The Erotic Halloween Party at Club Libertine (I'm assuming all the ladies will be dressed in slutty costumes there).
- UrbanDaddy.com's exclusive party at Les Deux.
- Indie 103.1's Fright at the Museum, a scary bash at the LA County Museum of Natural History.
- West Hollywood's yearly Costume Carnaval on Santa Monica Blvd.

The costume is another issue.

My boyfriend seems to be against the slutty outfits. His unattractive ideas are: A robot with a box on my body, a cowboy (literally, with a mustache) or Popeye's Olive Oyl (which could look semi-hot in a pencil skirt). Yummy!

My previous normal costumes gone slutty have included: Cowgirl, Girl Scout and Pirate Lady. Last year, however, was a last minute hit!

Me, Courtney Friel and Shauna Sever dressed as KFAB 80's news reporters!

Dress as a cheesy news reporter too. All you need is:
1) Bright colors suit with big shoulders.
2) Crazy eye makeup and bright lips.
3) A comb to tease the crap out of your hair. EXTRA TIP: Keep the comb in your bra and ask hotties to tease you throughout the night!
4) Anything that looks like a mic: lint brush, hair brush, bottle, actual mic.
5) Attitude: Everything and anything can be a news story. Ask people lots of questions, and say "Yes, back to you" a lot.

If you are desperate to channel the celeb in you. Here are some other star studded costume ideas:




If you have any more fun ideas, send them my way:

Happy Halloween!