"Spend less time being interesting and more time being interested in people and the world" - Shira


(that's me vlogging and blogging up a storm!)

The first day of the Webbyconnect summit is in full swing. The conference is pretty small and intimate compared to others I've been to. Also, how can you go wrong hanging and schmoozing for 3 days at the Ritz in Laguna?! Panels start at 9am and run until 2pm, then everyone has the rest of the day to relax and mingle. Yes, it's pretty awesome!

Some highlights from today:

- A Hard Reset for Hollywood panel with Jason Hirschhorn, president of Sling Media Entertainment Group. Watch out for the launch of sling.com, which will let you watch some of your favorite TV shows on the internet, by the end of the year.
The panel was basically about the convergence of Hollywood and tech, a topic I feel very passionate about and is where things are headed in a big way.

- Interviewed fellow canuck and founder of Treehugger.com, Graham Hill, about going green and making green living accessible to a bigger and more mainstream audience.

- Interviewed Justin Ouelette, founder of the shortlived overnight success, Muxtape.
What I learnt from the "Building an Overnight Web All-Star" panel? Simplicity, serving a niche and need goes a long way...

For more, go to webbyconnect.com and be sure check out some of my videos and interviews from the summit on the TheWebbyAwards youtube page.