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Wired thoughts

Just read the August Wired cover piece- on Julia Allison. Got me thinking about a lot of things and inspired me to get back to blogging today. I actually have friends in the tech and NY community that know her- and her so-called popularity interests me because I wonder if it would have the same effect in Los Angeles. A lot of people talk about fame in NYC vs. LA and how it's harder to make an impact or get noticed here (besides being in a reality show, releasing a sex tape, DUI, etc...) The equivalent to NY's Gawker, Defamer, just doesn't create micro-celebs in the same way. What do you think?

PS. During SXSW this year, Julia and I actually competed against each other on my friend's site Strutta.com to see who had the best catwalk strut. WATCH AND VOTE HERE