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YouTubers Unite at Vidcon

Earlier this month, I attended the first ever VidCon Conference organized by Hank and John Green aka the VLOGBROTHERS. You could compare it to the ComiCon of YouTube,  bringing together all the stars in the space offline to share their stories and meet hundreds of their fans in real life. You could also sense this was the beginning of something that would be much bigger in years to come. Personally, it was a reality check of how much YouTube has evolved from an amateur content platform to a legitimate business whose players are making more than some talent in traditional media. Plus, not only are some of them making an actual living through the YouTube partner program, but they're building a completely engaging community and fan base like no other with MAJOR consistent numbers to back it.

The Vlogbrothers were nice enough to have me as their "official interviewer" and I got to chat with all the speakers. I was basically like their Barbara Walters. I even tried to make a few cry... kinda. They will be rolling out the videos on their Vidcon YouTube page over the next few weeks. GO HERE TO WATCH OR ELSE!